Monday, June 15, 2015

I cried for all those Beatle fans (Wall Of Voodoo) #422-423

Wall Of Voodoo Mexican Radio/ Call Of The West (Illegal Records, ES 855, 1982)
Wall Of Voodoo Far Side Of Crazy/ Business Of Love (Epic, ES 1098, 1985)

Wall Of Voodoo, who came raging out of Los Angeles with Mexican Radio, brought a fresh approach that was much needed in the early eighties. 

It doesn't sound like it now but in 1982 the quirkiness of Wall Of Voodoo was a stand out when I saw it on Radio With Pictures

In the early days the band featured Stan Ridgway (he of the weird nervy twitches in the Mexican Radio video). When he went off to have a solo career the band carried on for a few years with a new more mainstream sound and had the second hit with Far Side...

How could I not love this song with its sympathetic references to Lennon's death and the sadness of Beatle fans?

Hidden gems: The weird bass and drum patterns continue on Call Of The West - sounds like the theme to the weirdest Western never made. Business Of Love harks back a little to Stan's style and is never less than interesting.

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