Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mercy (Roy Orbison) #415

Van Halen Pretty Woman/ Happy Trails (Warner Bros, WBS 50003, 1982)

Great fun is to be had during this rendition of the Roy Orbison classic. Eddie suitably cranks up the guitar histrionics and Alex propels the whole thing forward with his trademark drums.

Just don't throw Van Halen Pretty Woman into youtube and watch the terrible version from 2012 as I did. Yes I hyperlinked it - let's face it - if we're told NOT to push that button Ringo, we're gunna. It's terrible! I warned you.

I still like this original take though.

Hidden gem: The very bizarre rendition of Happy Trails is best described as a piss take and not a very successful one at that.

The video for Pretty Woman was originally banned by MTV for its content (midgets beating up a pretty 'woman') but really it should have been for stupidity, crassness and crapness. Don't watch it! (See above).

Instead I've added Roy's superior original and the studio version from VH. You be the judge!

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