Monday, August 3, 2015

They got a lot of nice girls (Z Z Top) #445

ZZ Top Legs/ La Grange (Warner Bros. 12", 0 20207, 1983)

Zee Zee Top (rather than how Nu Zild DJ's announced them back in the day - Zed Zed Top) are another great band whose songs from time to time aren't really meant to happen as singles but do anyway. Tush, La Grange and Legs are presented for the defence.

This is the extended 12 inch dance deep moves version which just means that groove goes for longer! And that's a good thing.

Once Billy Gibbons and that synthesizer lock in with Franks drums I'm hooked.

Hidden gem: La Grange is reprised from the earlier Tres Hombres album. It's become a standard in Z Z world for good reason.

Then, of course, there is THAT video. Clever bastards! How to present three gnarly guys playing guitars and drums? Easy peasey...

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