Friday, August 7, 2015

With innocence within ourselves (Big Country) #446

Big Country Wonderland (extended version)/ Wonderland; Giant (Mercury 12", 818 006-6, 1984)

In the course of the last 445 posts I bought one new single. Sadly - I just don't look any more.

I do still go through the vinyl LP bins whenever I spot them and this 12 inch leaped out at me (in mint condition too).

As you know, I'm a Big Country fan. That live album (Without A Net) only enhances its reputation the longer it stays in my collection.

The strong whiff of eighties production does not diminish the power of Wonderland.

Hidden gem: This was a single only release (the 12" EP came out between the first and second albums) so there is value for money here with Giant. The first album's chiming guitars are instant markers of BC sound - all present and correct in this instrumental.

Big Country - Wonderland by jpdc11

NEXT POST: So - that's it for the vinyl singles - all 446 of them - PHEW - what a mish. Next post starts us off with the CD singles in my collection - from the A's to the Z's. Fun times ahead!

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