Sunday, August 30, 2015

Can't help myself, 'cause baby, it's you (The Beatles) #451

The Beatles Baby It's You/ I'll Follow The Sun/ Devil In Her Heart/ Boys (Apple, 7243 8 82073 2 4, 1995)

The song itself will be very familiar to Fab fans as it appeared on Please Please Me.

This particular Beatles version of a song first made popular by U.S. girl band The Shirelles is from a BBC session at The Paris Theatre, London town, first of June 1963.

It's a cute pop hit and the fascination by the Fabs for U.S. girl bands meant they embraced it wholeheartedly.

John's vocal is full blooded and superb but they have me from the first Sha la la las!

Hidden gems: Three of this EP's songs made it to the second volume of The Beatles at the BBC releases but this live version of Devil In Her Heart is peculiar to this EP only. RARE!

These BBC versions are pretty cool - there's the banter with presenters and between themselves and a naturalness (read - without studio gloss) to the versions that's pretty special. 

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