Thursday, September 3, 2015

I'm the Carnival of Peace (Bon Iver) #452

Bon Iver Blood Bank/ Beach Baby/ Babys/ Woods (Jagjaguwar, Jag 134, 2009)

The Blood Bank EP was Justin Vernon's follow up to the amazingly brilliant debut For Emma, Forever Ago.

Pretty cunning that. The expectation after Emma was immense so, go with an EP.

Blood Bank itself is a haunting song but it was left off the album and that was a good decision. It's slightly at odds with the vibe of For Emma. It just lacks the gravitas of that album at its best.

Hidden gems: Beach Baby is amazingly good - would have fitted the vibe of For Emma without any problem. Has that same wonky guitar sound and vocals that linger in the air and drift off in sadness. 

The other two are more sound experiments and an acquired taste. They do show him thirsting after new soundscapes which is great but one listen of this kind of thing lasts me a long time.

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