Monday, September 7, 2015

So I look in your direction (Coldplay) #453 - 455

Coldplay Shiver/ For You/ Careful Where You Stand (Parlophone, CDR6536, 2000)
Coldplay Talk (radio edit)/ Sleeping Sun (Parlophone, CDR6679, 2005)
Coldplay Prospekt's March EP (Life In Technicolor ii/ Postcards From Far Away/Glass Of Water/Rainy Day/Prospekt's Mark, Poppyfields/Lost+/Lovers In Japan/Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground  (Parlophone, 2647372/5099926473727, 2008)

Owning up to liking Coldplay is almost a guilty pleasure. 

Yeah - okay - I like Coldplay. I have all their CDs and that includes some live ones that are less than essential. I can even name three members of the band (Guy something, Jonny Buckland and Chris Martin - the fourth member alludes me though).

There - I've said it.

Chris Martin seems like a genuine bloke, writes well, sings well, and he records for Parlophone!! Nuff said.

Shiver is a great song that has managed to remain in the live set over the years. 

Talk and Life in Technicolor ii are also up tempo Coldplay songs with heft. I like them. Yes, I do!

The guitar from Jonny is a Coldplay trademark and when it's used well the song is (usually) a cut above the rest. That's certainly the case in those three A sides.

Hidden gems: the B sides to Shiver were not on the parent album (Parachutes). Sleeping Sun was also not on XandY. Most of the Prospekt's March EP was also not included on Viva La Vida.

So you definitely get value for money with Coldplay CD singles. 

Any hidden gems though? The raft of songs on the Prospekt's EP are gems. Only problem is, because of the various snippets and styles, they all kinda roll into a seamless whole rather than their separate parts. That's cool though - means repeat plays bring out a load of little hidden nuggets.

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