Monday, August 17, 2015

Look here comes a Ford Mondeo (Arctic Monkeys) #448

Arctic Monkeys When The Sun Goes Down/ Stickin To The Floor/ 7 (Domino, 094635334029, 2005)

The Arctic Monkeys are an unashamedly British band who sing in a staunch English accent about English life.

They do so with élan. So a Morrie Thou', not a Ford Mondeo.

Alex Turner is the writer and I use that word deliberately instead of songwriter or whatever because he writes stories - this one about watching a scummy man pick up a prostitute. 

But it's not that simple - there are conflicting emotions at play in the song and the characters become much more than kitchen sink drama cut outs. Heavy stuff for a pop song which is the craft Turner is engaged in.

His unique vocal style matches the subject matter and the razorblade slash of the AM guitars is distinctive as well. And the true test of a pop single: it sounds great LOUD!!!!

Hidden gems: Neither Stickin... nor 7 are from the parent album (their debut - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not). Good value then on this CD single. 

Both are short blasts of AM magic.

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