Tuesday, August 25, 2015

From this moment on I know exactly where my life will go (The Beatles) #450

The Beatles Real Love/ Baby's In Black/ Yellow Submarine/ Here, There And Everywhere (Apple, 7243 8 82646 2 4, 1996)

The second single released to tie in with the Anthology series in the mid nineties was also an unreleased John Lennon demo that the Threetles tarted up.

This one accompanied the Anthology 2 CDs (which are beyond awesome btw).

For me, the song isn't as strong as Free As A Bird which had George and Paul's vocal embellishments to the fore. Real Love sounds good but doesn't quite work.

It's like the backdrop to a Hollywood western where the support network to the buildings on Main St. is showing. A bit all fur coat no knickers.

Very doubtful. I can't see the song ever appearing on a legit, of the time, Beatles album (or single). Can you?

John's lyric and music was basically untouched from his 1979 demo (and so, bizarrely, it is the only Beatle release credited solely to John) and takes on a special poignancy in hindsight.

Seems we never know exactly where our lives will go.

Hidden gem: Again, a Beatles CD single gives value for money. 

There's a live version of Baby's In Black with a great intro from John, and alternate takes of Yellow Submarine (with excessive sound effects - clearly the released version is far superior) and a less essential Here, There and Everywhere.

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