Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Long as I have you by my side there's a roof above and good walls all around (Billy Joel)

  1. The Exponents – Like She Said (1994)/ Nameless Girl (1992)
  2. Blerta - Dance All Around The World (1972)/ Joy Joy (1972)
  3. Dragon Young Years (1989)/ Rain (1984)
  4. John Hanlon - Higher Trails (1975)/ Wind Songs (1975)
  5. Crowded House - Private Universe (1994)/ Weather With You (1991)
  6. Split Enz - Six Months In A Leaky Boat  (1982)/ Split Ends - One Two Nine (1973)
  7. Max Merritt and The Meteors - Slippin’ Away (1976)/ Let it Slide (1976)
  8. Headband - The Laws Must Change (1971)/ Good Morning Mr Rock N Roll (1971)
At number eight in the Wozza countdown of the 10 best Nu Zild bands and their two best songs is the mighty Headband (grooving).

I have Led Zeppelin to thank for introducing me to Headband. When they toured NZ in 1972 Robert Plant and Jimmy Page raved about a local band whose album they loved - Happen Out by Headband.

By 1972 I was a huge Led Zep fan so if they said it was a great album, then I had to have it. At the time I was only vaguely aware of a NZ rock music scene. I'd watched C'Mon and Happen Inn - two local TV shows - but they were largely made up of locals rehashing the hits of the day or singers with strange voices like Mr. Lee Grant or Bunny Walters. Not my cup of tea.

So Happen Out was a major wake up call for me. And the biggest wake up call of all was the lengthy wig out that was Headband's version of the John Mayall song, The Laws Must Change.

The sound is amazing. It still feels like the band have just walked into your living room, picked up their instruments and gone to work. Jimmy Hill, on drums, is in particularly awesome form and Billy Kristian's guitar work is great throughout. Then factor in the grizzled veteran Tommy Adderley on harp and vocals and you have the recipe for greatness.

Good Morning Mr Rock'n'Roll is a great call to arms (similar to Zep's Rock'n'Roll, also from 1971).

I know it's a cliche but they don't make bands like Headband any more, more's the pity.

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