Sunday, January 29, 2012

So sad, so sad, sometimes she feels so sad (Paul and Linda McCartney)

  1. The Exponents – Like She Said (1994)/ Nameless Girl (1992)
  2. Blerta - Dance All Around The World (1972)/ Joy Joy (1972)
  3. Dragon Young Years (1989)/ Rain (1984)
  4. John Hanlon - Higher Trails (1975)/ Wind Songs (1975)
  5. Crowded House - Private Universe (1994)/ Weather With You (1991)
  6. Split Enz - Six Months In A Leaky Boat  (1982)/ Split Ends - One Two Nine (1973)
  7. Max Merritt and The Meteors - Slippin’ Away (1976)/ Let it Slide (1976)
Seventh in the Wozza countdown of the 10 best Nu Zild bands and their two best songs is a real veteran of the music scene in both NZ and across the ditch.

Max formed the Meteors before I was even born and he's still a member!! Although he's had a rare kind of illness that has laid him up recently, he was still able to perform in 2007 when inducted into the Australian Hall Of Fame.

What did they sing that night? What else but Slippin' Away.

The song is a classic and Max's vocal is a deft less is more masterclass.

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