Thursday, January 19, 2012

Me minus you is such a lonely ride (Peaches and Herb)

  1. The Exponents – Like She Said (1994)/ Nameless Girl (1992)
  2. Blerta - Dance All Around The World (1972)/ Joy Joy (1972)
  3. Dragon Young Years (1989)/ Rain (1984)
  4. John Hanlon - Higher Trails (1975)/ Wind Songs (1975)

Next in the Wozza countdown of the 10 best Nu Zild bands and their two best songs is not a band at all.

John Hanlon is a singer/songwriter (still going strong I believe) who had a real knack for catchy toons in the seventies.

He was interesting because he often wrote songs with a NZ flavour and he was entertaining. His lyrics often seemed to contain NZ content - one lyric was about 'heading out of Auckland'. Quite a revelation, at least to me at the time.

Higher Trails was on the soundtrack of a great little documentary film called Off The Edge about a couple of American skiers/ hang glider pilots who climb/ski Mount Cook (I'm pretty sure it was Mt Cook) and then launch themselves off it.

They glide down to the strains of Higher Trails. Fantastic.

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