Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Aotearoa, rugged individual, glisten like a pearl, at the bottom of the world (Split Enz)

Time for another top five selection.
As I recently headed back to New Zealand for the Christmas break it seems appropriate that I come up with my top five kiwi songs and it’s going to be a very idiosyncratic list. For a start I can’t limit it to five so I considered a top 10, but then for every song that I included I knew that that group had done equally brilliant stuff on other tracks so it’s ballooned out to a top 10 and an alternative top 10.

Phew – complicated cos I’m going with 1A and 1B for each group! HA!!

I'm also going to reveal my ten top NZ acts and their two songs slowly over the course of the next ten postings so that we can savour each one. First up...
  1.  The ExponentsLike She Said (1994)/ Nameless Girl (1992)

I've chosen a few other Exponents (aka Dance Exponents) songs to fill in for the absence of Nameless Girl. And don't forget to check out two of their excellent albums Grassy Knoll and Something Beginning With C. Each is great - Grassy Knoll for it's grungy guitar sound and Something... for it's sloppy at home feel and for the rampant Beatles inspired vocal harmony work (think Yes It Is and Beatles For Sale era stuff).

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