Thursday, February 23, 2012

You're so, so like a woman to me (The Hollies)

I’ve just finished reading The Girl In The Song. It’s a nifty little collection about 50 female muses who inspired songs. Something by The Fabs, written by George, is obviously inspired by the wonderful (tonight) Pattie Boyd – everybody knows that but some of the other entries are less well known and fascinating to read.

It seems a bit obvious when I now think about it now but I’d never realized The Hollies Carrie Anne song was about Marianne Faithful. Because Graham Nash was too shy he went with Carrie Anne.

How many songs has Marianne Faithfull inspired?

The Rolling Stones ones are fairly easy to spot: Sister Morphine was partly written by her, Wild Horses, You Can’t Always Get What You Want, I Got The Blues and then there's Lennon’s And Your Bird Can Sing, a wry addition. But there must be loads more.

Anyway - here's The Hollies (without the shy Graham Nash) doing a ripper little version of Carrie Anne.

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