Friday, February 17, 2012

That's it, I quit, I'm moving on (Adele)

The theme for this week was going to be resignation songs. There are many songs like the Adele one in the title, about love, but not that many about resigning from a job. I guess it's not the most stimulating subject matter.

And even the most famous example I can think of is actually about someone WISHING he could say, Take This Job And Shove It (by the wonderfully named Johnny Paycheck).

So, instead I'll write about a George Harrison DVD I bought recently. No - not the Marty Scorsese documentary. That is exceptionally good but the latest I've seen is called The Dark Horse Years 1976-1992.

It's great too! Some of the songs and videos from that era are fantastic. Very unsophisticated vids by today's standards but I like their quirky feel.

The DVD contains a fun video of This Song. A song about the plagiarism trial for My Sweet Lord ('this song - there's nothing bright about it' references Bright Songs who own One Fine Day - the song George was charged with stealing).

And Crackerbox Palace is also great fun, set at George's Friar Park home; it's one of my favourite Hari Georgeson songs from the under-rated 33 1/3 album.

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