Sunday, February 26, 2012

You can't stop me from loving you, no, you can't change that (Raydio)

On a recent solo road trip to Dubai I brought along a bespoke driving songs compilation for the Woz-mobile. You know the sort of stuff - songs that can be sung LOUDLY (and really badly) as you're pootling along.

When Raydio's You Can't Change That came on I kept hitting replay. It played about five times on the approach to Dubai Mall.

Raydio housed the awesome talents of Ray Parker Jnr, before he did that Ghostbusters theme and went mega, and the other blokes were terrific as well (they must be cheesed off that these hits are attributed to either Ray Parker Jnr AND Raydio or worse just to Ray).

Here's three of the funky best from Raydio: their first hit Jack and Jill, the awesome You Can't Change That and their biggest hit of all A Woman Needs Love.

And, as a bonus for my eldest son who LOVED dancing around to this on my green 12inch vinyl in the early 80s:

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