Sunday, July 31, 2016

The chosen ones (Dream Evil) (LP 28-30)

Dream Evil  Dragonslayer (CD - Magic Arts, 2002) ****
Dream Evil  Evilised (CD - Magic Arts, 2003) ***
Dream Evil  The Book of Heavy Metal (CD - Magic Arts, 2004) ****

Genre: Scandinavian pop/rock (Swedish)

Places I rememberVirgin Megastore, Dubai Mall. 

Faband all the other pimply hyperbolesHeavy Metal in the Night (Dragonslayer); and The Book of Heavy Metal is a stormer from album of the same name.

Gear costume: The Chosen Ones (Dragonslayer); Children of the Night (Evilised); Chosen Twice (Book of Heavy Metal) has some great symphony injections.

Active compensatory factors: I fell hard for these dudes after I heard the wonderful Book of Heavy Metal on a compilation (Metal for the Masses). I immediately went back to the Virgin Megastore at the Dubai Mall and bought every Dream Evil album they had (and there were a few - six in fact).

They manage a rare feat - anthemic power metal, self deprecating humour, very self aware of the genre lyrics, with musical chops.

Here are their first three albums.

Dragonslayer is my favourite - their debut, it has great metal guitars and surprisingly great vocals from Niklas Isfeldt (a little...a little like The Scorpions' Klaus Meine at times. A little). Adept at a variety of metal styles, from traditional metal ballads to roaring metal, without the growls - he's got it all!

Evilised suffers a little from second album syndrome. Apart from Made of Metal, it's their least humorous album!

The Book of Heavy Metal (sensing a theme here yet?) is a return to form. Massed vocals, shredding guitar riffs, and humour is back on the table.

Where do they all belong? More Swedish metal like Katatonia and HammerFall. Trust me!

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