Sunday, July 17, 2016

Come follow me (The Answer) (LP 22-23)

The Answer Rise (CD - Albert Productions, 2006) ****
The Answer Revival (CD - V2 Records, 2011) ****

Genre:  Irish pop/rock 

Places I remember:  Fives on the Broadway in Leigh-on-sea is a fantastic store in Essex. We lived just across the road in Victoria Rd. They ordered in Rise especially for me. Revival I picked up from JB HiFi in Auckland.

Fab, and all the other pimply hyperboles: Into The Gutter from Rise and Waste Your Tears from Revival.

Gear costume: Both albums open with a corker. Under The Sky and Preachin' is an epic slide guitar  workout. Really, I could pick anything on either album though.

Active compensatory factors: A young (northern) Irish rock band, The Answer play bluesy classic hard rock like veterans. Unbelievably, Rise is their debut!! 

Revival continues the guitar led assault to great effect.

They've toured with bands like Deep Purple and AC/DC. Fans of those bands should check out The Answer!

Where do they all belong? The Answer's roughly NZ equivalent is The Datsuns - whose own debut is similarly impressive.  

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