Thursday, July 21, 2016

For the price of a cup of tea (Belle abd Sebastian) (LP 24)

Belle and Sebastian The Life Pursuit (CD - Rough Trade, 2005) **

Genre:  Scottish pop/rock 

Places I remember: Kings Recording, Abu Dhabi. 

Fab, and all the other pimply hyperboles: Another Sunny Day. 

Gear costume: Act of the Apostle has a nice jazzy groove.

Active compensatory factors: This is one of those albums that I struggle to listen to until the end. I usually peter out about the end of side 1 (you know what I mean).

I start out with good intentions - the first three songs manage to hook me but it's not often I make it all the way through.

It's also been in my 'to be flicked on' pile from time to time but has managed  a stay of execution each time. I'm not quite sure why. 

Where do they all belong? Belle and Sebastian lack enough of a distinctive personality for me to buy further back catalogue. I always think of them in the same way I regard Everything But The Girl. Pleasant but not really my thing.

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