Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Morgenspaziergang (Kraftwerk) (LP 25-27)

Kraftwerk Autobahn (CD - EMI, 1974) ***
Kraftwerk Trans-Europe Express (CD - Capitol, 1977) ***
Kraftwerk The Man-Machine  (CD - Capitol, 1978) ***

Genre:  German pop/rock 

Places I remember: Fives in Leigh-on-sea. Five pounds each, money really well spent! 

Fab, and all the other pimply hyperboles: Autobahn; The Model

Gear costume: The Robots; Showroom Dummies 

Active compensatory factors: As you are well aware, I'm a guitars guy, not a synth/ electronica guy. 

I don't buy the whole Kraftwerk schtick, but somehow I own three of their albums. Why? Well, in a word...

Fives! A fabuloso record store in Leigh-on-sea where I lived from August 2004 to January 2007. They had five pound racks where I bought up a load of back catalogue. Including these three.

Getting sick of reading about how seminal the band was and living in Europe (when Great Britain was still part of Europe) meant that I couldn't resist any longer. There were no longer any excuses. 

My best memory of Autobahn was travelling back to Leigh-on-sea with Jade and Samantha in the car from Heathrow, having dropped off Adam and Jacky (Adam was returning to NZ to go to Waikato University). I was teary but Jade was inconsolable (Sam was quiet, but fine). 

All the way home on the M25 we listened to the Autobahn album on repeat.

It's cold freakiness was a perfect soundtrack!

Where do they all belong? Next stop in the German catalogue is the mighty Rammstein. 

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