Saturday, July 9, 2016

Pleasure and pain (Bullet For My Valentine) (LP 21)

Bullet For My Valentine Fever (CD - Sony, 2010) *** 

Genre: Welsh pop/rock   

Places I remember:  Virgin Megastore, Dubai Mall. While we were living in Al Ain we visited the mall often! For some reason they had a lot of metal in their bins! 

Fab, and all the other pimply hyperboles:
Bittersweet Memories has some nice light and shade and is catchy as all get out, so it's probably disowned by the hard core metallers, but I like it!

Gear costume: The album opener, Your Betrayal, outlines the boys' strengths well.   

Active compensatory factors:  I'm a sucker for melodic metal like the stuff churned out by these Welsh boys.

The first three songs are hell for leather thrashes (although I'm not a fan of those hyper kinetic drum beats, just sayin'), then the album calms down into some good to great songs with some variety of pace, which is always nice. 

There are some dodgy, slightly misogynistic moments along the way (the band name tends to give things away a tad) which is unfortunate and explains why I've deducted a point for cliche naughtyness.

Where do they all belong? This really suited the driving required in Al Ain/ Dubai - if you're not mildly aggressive you'll get swamped! They use their cars as weapons and if you snooze you won't get too far! 

I'm not sure you need any more than one BFMV album, and so - this is probably it!

From here it's a short hop to Avenged Sevenfold (who I prefer, if you're asking).

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