Wednesday, July 13, 2016

First love (Adele) (LP 19-20)

Adele 19 (CD - XL Recordings, 2008) ***
Adele 21 (CD - XL Recordings, 2011) ****  

Genre: English pop/rock

Places I remember: Kings Recording, Abu Dhabi. 21 was huge while we were living in Al Ain + I backtracked to 19.

Fab, and all the other pimply hyperboles: Chasing Pavements is the clear standout as a commercial track on 19. 

From 21, Set fire to the Rain is spine tingling,
every time.


Gear costume:  19Hometown Glory shades Make You Feel My Love as the emotive winner on the second side, but My Same would be my favourite song here; 21: Turning Tables is one of many gear moments.

Active compensatory factors: Adele's first album is a mixed bag for me and has now become completely eclipsed by the mega huge 21.

Too many of the songs now sound a little too contrived, but maybe I'm being a tad unfair. As a whole, it just doesn't have the consistent honesty and remarkable heft of 21.

Hey, it's her first, so, like, go easy on her Purdzilla.

21, though? Mega huge, and, for once, the acclaim is justified. Adele is perfect on 21, in a way that I doubt she will ever be again.

Where do they all belong? Adele is firmly in the English diva tradition that takes in Dusty Springfield, Alison Moyet, Amy Winehouse and, yes, Shirley Bassey. Next stop - 25.

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