Friday, December 12, 2014

Do you not care for us? (Ravi Shankar) #339

Ravi Shankar Joi Bangla, Oh Bhaugowan/ Raga Mishra-Jhinjhoti (Apple Records, 1838, 1971)

This is a rare one - Ravi's first record released on Apple, produced by Hari Georgeson - only Oh Bhaugowan was subsequently compiled onto an album.

The E.P. came out before George curated The Concert For Bangladesh (Joi Bangla translates to 'victory for Bangladesh') and started a run of George collaborations on Apple Records releases that stretches to 1997.

The song itself? Joi Bangla's a happy, jaunty little number but I have to face up to an awful truth here: if this had no Beatle/Apple connection would I buy it? The answer is a solid 'No'. 

Would I even listen to it? Unlike the Radha Krisha Temple Apple stuff, the answer is another solid 'No'.

Sorry but there it is. I struggle through that first side of The Concert For Bangladesh through respect for Ravi and George, but it's still a struggle.

Oh Bhaugowan is a quieter, more contemplative and more appealing listening experience thanks to the flutes and soft chants.

Hidden gem: Raga is an instrumental and develops nicely with Ravi's sitar more to the foreground.

[No video available on these songs].

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