Sunday, December 21, 2014

Oh Krishna, where are you? (Ravi Shankar) #341

Shankar Family and Friends I Am Missing You/ Lust (Dark Horse, K 5729, 1974)

Doh - I, um, missed this one - it got into the Patti Smith singles by mistake somehow!

This track is off the Dark Horse Records album Shankar Family and Friends which includes Ravi's usual side men and women with western musos that includes your friend and mine - Ringo Starr! The vocal is by Ravi's sister-in-law Lakshmi Shankar. 

It's also unusual in that Ravi wrote it in a western style (it's a love song to Krishna). 

It's quite catchy but a single? Yeah why not! If nothing else it alerted people to the parent album which I quite like - but again, being a Beatle completist, I bought this for the Harrison/Starr connection, rather than out of any sense of devotion to Ravi Shankar.

Hidden gem: Lust is part of a longer suite, also on the parent album. It's pretty good too - in a Ravi meets Frank Zappa jazz fusion sort of way.

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