Monday, December 8, 2014

They made you a moron (Sex Pistols) #337 - 338

Sex Pistols God Save The Queen/ Did You No Wrong (Virgin, VS 181, 1977)

Sex Pistols Pretty Vacant/ No Fun (Virgin, VS 184, 1977)

Hard now, in 2014, to believe how powerful God Save The Queen was as a defiant blast of outrageous intent in 1977.

Before they turned themselves into a buffoonish cartoon and before Sid Vicious became a drug-fueled homicidal maniac, for a brief time in 1977, The Sex Pistols were the real deal.

1977: my first year at University. I knew about punk rock, I was a diligent reader/collector of Sounds magazine, but life in NZ was a million miles from the depressed feelings experienced by many youngsters in Britain in the late seventies.

Somehow, via these two singles, The Sex Pistols managed to transcend the tyranny of distance and sound absolutely relevant in 1977 New Zealand.

And they rocked!! Those overdubbed guitars work brilliantly and the sound is totally in your face. 

What a marvelous racket.

Hidden gems: Definitely! Did You No Wrong is a terrific song - those guitars again and Paul Cook's drumming propel this song ever onwards.

I'm not so much a fan of No Fun but one snarl from John Lydon on any of these songs equals a breath of fresh putrid air.

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