Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tell me, is it true? (Billy Shears) #340

Billy Shears and The All Americans Brother Paul/ Message To Seymour (Festival, FK 3415, 1969)

Into the weirdness we go, as the mythical Billy Shears cashes in on the Paul Is Dead urban myth that would have you believe Paul McCartney's death in 1966 was covered up by the Fabs and a lookalike brought in with the amazing ability to write genius songs like the 'real' Paul. Sigh.

Conspiracy theorists loved it and it was a mildly amusing distraction at the time as 'clues' were found in songs and record covers. Okay, I confess to playing stuff backwards to find 'I buried Paul' on The Beatles. But it was only a fun distraction.

Brother Paul, the song, is crap by the way.

Hidden gem: Message to Seymour is a faster paced, more psychedelic song but still crap.

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