Sunday, December 7, 2014

Mr Freers, had sticky out ears (The Scaffold) #336

The Scaffold Lily The Pink/ Buttons Of Your Mind (Parlophone, NZP 3303, 1968)

Poor old Mike McCartney? No way!!

Many people would struggle being Paul McCartney's kid brother but not our Mike.

A talented and bright guy - Mike adopted McGear as his pseudonym early on to avoid cashing in on Beatle fame by association. He became a band member (with The Scaffold), solo artist (McGear is a terrific album) and famed photographer - all on his lonesome (okay - with a bit of help from Roger McGough/John Gorman in The Scaffold and his big brother thereafter).

Having said all that, I urge the blogosphere not to judge him based on Lily The Pink - a nonsense song. Although it was wildly successful in 1968- it doesn't stand up to rigorous reappraisal in 2014.

Hidden gem: Sadly - no. The B side is a McGear/McGough creation and the boys play it straight(ish). Significantly, it pales considerably next to, say, Flight Of The Conchords in the 21st Century.

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