Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Was our love just an illusion? (Love Affair) #241

Love Affair  A Day Without Love/ I'm Happy (CBS, BA 461204, 1968)

I could happily listen to this song every day of my life. It instantly cheers me up, sets me free, keeps me alive! It's one of my all time favourites. In fact it's a dead heat between this and The Tremeloes' Here Comes My Baby for favourite non Beatle single of all time. 

Both songs are instant singalongs that recreate great periods in my life.

My main memory of A Day Without Love is playing it every morning for months when I was in my teens while living with my parents at 4 Ramelton Rd., Mt Roskill, Auckland. 

In my mind's eye it's always a blissful summer picture that's conjured up by the song.

Love Affair were in fact a real band (pictured left), rather than a manufactured band of sessioners, but many of the hits featured mainly Steve Ellis' vocals and minimal input from the rest of the band, so they developed that reputation.

They didn't last too long - a mere four years in their original state, but they left some songs that will give us everlasting love.

Hidden gem: The B sides to the hits usually contained the real band and were a little heavier sounding and were definitely more soulful. This one sounds like a long lost Small Faces track.

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