Monday, July 14, 2014

Another sick monkey with a saintly face (Magazine) #245

Magazine  Believe That I Understand/ Rhythm Of Cruelty (Virgin, VS 905, 1979)

I love Shot By Both Sides, it's become a real post punk classic but, again, perversely, I don't own it as a single. 

Instead I somehow own this one - a song from their second album - Secondhand Daylight, which doesn't appear to have been a single anywhere in the world apart from New Zealand. Typical.

I think the Virgin NZ team got it right though - like Shot By...this is a great pop single with a nifty hook.

Hidden gem: The B side WAS actually released as an A side in the UK but with a different B side. Weirdly enigmatic? You know nothing about the Nu Zild music industry my friend.

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