Friday, July 4, 2014

I can feel you there (Julian Lennon) #237 - 238

Julian Lennon  Valotte/ Well I Don't Know (Charisma, JL1, 1984)

Julian Lennon  Say You're Wrong/ Bebop (Charisma, JL3, 1985)

We haven't quite finished with the Lennon clan yet. 

Cynthia and John Lennon's only son, John Charles Julian Lennon, embarked on an unlikely music career following his father's death. 

Both the A sides by Julian (named in honour of John's mother - Julia) come from his debut album, also called Valotte

The A side songs are actually pretty good in a poppy sort of way. Phil Ramone's production is sympathetic. 

The biggest distraction/ appeal is Julian's voice which can be quite similar to John's
with certain inflections but he has none of John's rawness. It's tough to be too hard on the kid though. Not his fault he shares DNA with the greatest rock and roller of all time is it?

Hidden gems: Well I Don't know is a song about his dad and Bebop is the rarity - it didn't appear on the parent album. Bebop suffers from the horrors of an eighties production but Well I Don't Know is pleasant. Can't call them gems though - sorry Julian.

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