Saturday, July 5, 2014

I can feel your sigh with my back to you (Jackie Lomax) #239 - 240

Jackie Lomax  How The Web Was Woven/ Thumbing A Ride (Apple Records, APPLE 9043, 1969)

Jackie Lomax  New Day/ Fall Inside Your Eyes (Apple Records, APPLE 11, 1969)

Jackie Lomax, who died late last year, had a terrific voice and a laconic scouse personality. He needed the latter when reflecting on what might have been for a few decades before his death.

The Beatles knew talent when they saw it. What with George's patronage, his and Ringo's participation, the Apple Records label, and the other stellar musicians who played with him, really - the guy should have been a major star. But the fates decreed otherwise.

These two A sides are exceptional. The music and Jackie's wonderful soulful singing should have meant hit songs. What a crime.

In a parallel universe Jackie Lomax is getting his rewards.

Hidden gems: George Harrison is the fab most associated with Jackie but Paul was also involved in producing Thumbing A Ride. That song is good but Fall Inside Your Eyes aces it with a great vibe and a heartfelt vocal performance that you can't fake. Well you can try but you'll fall flat on your arse.

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