Wednesday, July 16, 2014

True love's what it's all about (Marching Girls) #246

Marching Girls  True Love/ First In Line (Propeller, REV 4, 1980)

Marching Girls emerged from the wreckage of Auckland's The Scavengers in the late seventies. They moved to the other side of the ditch and Au Go Go records signed them up.

Somehow they licensed these two songs back to NZ's Propeller Records for a limited pressing of 400 copies. And I have one.

Not normally a big deal - except True Love is an amazing slice of kiwi pop with a punky edge.

The song hooks you from the start with the great line - I met her outside the IGA, true love works in funny ways

Side bar: The IGA is a kind of Aussie super dairy - like our Four Square or a 7-Eleven in America or a Tesco Express in Essex. I remember shopping at IGA's in NZ so it must have moved over here at some stage.

Anyway - I digress - the song's a ripper!

Hidden gem: The B side is okay but they peaked on that A side.

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