Saturday, May 10, 2014

Climb in the back with your head in the clouds and you're gone (The Beatles) #184 - 185

Elton John Lucy In The Sky (With Diamonds)/ One Day At A Time (DJM records, K5766, 1974)

The Elton John Band Philadelphia Freedom/ I Saw Her Standing There (DJM records, K5828, 1975)

John Lennon and Elton had a productive time in 1974. Elton appears on Walls And Bridges and JL appears on Elton's 1974 version of Lucy In The Sky. JL plays guitar and provides backing vocals.

I know I sound like a stuck record but The Beatles' original versions take a power of beating. Trying to cover something off Sgt Pepper is at best brave and at worst insane. Elton was in his cocaine addled period at the time, which may help explain his decision. Unlike his take on The 'Oos Pinball Wizard, nothing much is added to the original but it's not offensive. And bloody Lennon's on it so get over yerself!

Hidden gems: The real good stuff is on the B side of course. One Day At A Time is Elton's cover of a Lennon song from his Mind Games album. Agreed - I'm a huge John Ono Lennon fan, but I really love his version of this song. Elton's version is fine though and again Lennon appears on guitar so it has an extra resonance for Beatle/Lennon obsessives like me.

The version of I saw Her Standing There is the rollicking version by Lennon and Elton at the famous 1974 gig at Madison Square Garden. More of this concert is to come when we get to the Lennon singles.

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