Friday, May 16, 2014

This is the hour when the mysteries emerge (Joy Division) #186

Joy Division Komakino/ Incubation; As You Said (Factory flexi 7", FAC 28, 1980)

This was a single released in June 1980 as a 7" flexi disc limited to 10,000 copies (amounts vary according to various sources) and given away free in selected record shops. I can't remember how I came by it.

Being a fexi it's kind of a pain. I guess they were trying to make a 'statement' - I don't know - the disposability of a pop song maybe. Whatever - flexis have a very limited playing life. 

Apparently these tracks are from the Britannia Row Studios session for Closer, March 18-30, 1980 that didn't end up on the album. Not hard to see why really.

Hidden gems: The B side consists of two instrumentals. Maybe a couple of songs that Ian Curtis couldn't put lyrics to? I'm not sure. Nothing special going on really. Hooky plays some nice bass runs on Incubation but it's a bit average as an instrumental. As You Said is some spacey noodling from Manchester's finest. New Orderish actually!

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