Saturday, May 31, 2014

So doggone easy (Buddy Holly) # 194 - 195

Denny Laine It's So Easy/ Listen To Me (medley)/ I'm Looking For Someone To Love (EMI, EMI 2523, 1976)

Denny Laine Moondreams/ Look At Me (EMI, EMI 11433, 1977)

This was pretty much a vanity project for Denny and Paul of Wings in 1976/1977 (Linda also along on backing vocals although you struggle to hear it from the mix).

Macca produces, engineers and he and Denny play everything on these versions of Buddy Holly songs (Macca owns the publishing as well!).

Given all that it's surprisingly light and airy like candyfloss. The only thing going for them is the amateur, less is more, feel.

All of the tracks come off Denny's 'solo' album Holly Days.

Hidden gems: nothing rare or even very interesting on the B sides. I wish I could say otherwise. Why do I own them? I'm a Lennon completist but this kinda thing dissuades me from ever being a McCartney obsessive.

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