Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Here I stand with my arms open wide (Billy J. Kramer) #192 - 193

Billy J. Kramer with The Dakotas I'll Keep You Satisfied/ I Know (Parlophone, R 5073, 1963)

Billy J. Kramer with The Dakotas From A Window/ Little Children (EMI, BRIT 12, 1964)

John and Paul never really gave anything great away. Most (all?) of their gifts to people like Peter and Gordon, Cilla, The Fourmost and so on were things they didn't use in The Beatles. They'd moved on apace.

Billy, born William Ashton, had Brian Epstein for a manager, songs written for him by Paul mainly (John's contributed, among other things, the J to Kramer's name), and George Martin as producer. Hits were guaranteed!

These two A sides are very much in the Mersey beat tradition. Today they sound pretty twee, especially McCartney's From A Window, the last song L and M given to Billy. Paul's lyrics are pretty naff too, it has to be said. As I indicated - they weren't about to give away GOOD stuff.

BTW - the From a Window single is a re-release as you can guess from the EMI label and issue number. I'd guess it was part of a re-release programme in the late seventies as I'm pretty sure I picked it up while working at Marbecks during my holidays. 

Hidden gem: sorry - you came to the wrong place. Neither are Lennon/ McCartney songs. The Satisfied video clip does have the wonderful Brian Matthews though - still going strong on the equally wonderful BBC Radio 2.

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