Wednesday, December 28, 2016

All in forms (Bonobo) (LP 77)

Bonobo Black Sands (CDR, 2010) *** 

Genre: Chill

Places I remember: One of my sons, Adam, burned this to a CDR for me.

Fab, and all the other pimply hyperboles/ Gear costume: When I listen to this stuff I never play one song - instead the whole album has to kind of wash over me.

Active compensatory factors: I don't know much about Bonobo. Wikipedia tells me that his real name is Simon Green, that he's British, a producer and a DJ and that he's based in Los Angeles.

This is his fourth studio album.

Adam suggested I take a listen because I really liked Emancipator's trip hop grooves and Adam's own music, as Bambino Beats and now Bluesleep, is not too dissimilar.

Adam was right - it's sinuous beats and trances pull me in to feed my imagination.

Where do they all belong? Emancipator, Bluesleep, Bambino Beats and Phosphene are all worth your time. Bonobo's website has a gig guide for 2017 - take a look!

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