Saturday, May 14, 2016

Les professionnels (Air) (LP 5)

Air  Premiers Symptomes (CD - Source, 1999) ****

Genre:  Progressive

Places I remember: Real Groovy, Auckland. I was on an Air thing at the time - Moon Safari, The Virgin Suicides soundtrack and 10,000Hz Legend lead me to this (interesting that at various points I sold off the other albums listed here, but kept this one).

Fab, and all the other pimply hyperboles:  J'ai Dormi sous l'eau (I slept under water)

Gear costume: Of the bonus tracks Brakes On is pretty amazing. It keeps up a killer groove out of a bunch of instruments/sounds that I know diddly about.

Active compensatory factors: This is actually a compilation of their first singles but it hangs together so well as a cohesive whole (which is why it's not holed up with the rest of the Progressive 'Best of' collections in case you were wondering).

It's all about the vibe man. The vibe here being lovely floating synth waves with looping beats and mainly instrumental chunes. I love it, and play it often.

This version is the 1999 re-release with two bonus tracks.

Where do they all belong?: Although it's the first stuff they did, it links incredibly well to two other later period albums I have by Air - Love 2 and La Voyage Dans La Lune


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