Monday, May 9, 2016

Beautiful and blue (The Iveys) (LP 4)

Iveys  Maybe Tomorrow (CD - Apple, 1969/1992) ***

Genre:  Apple (naturally my Apple Records collection follows on from the Beatles genre)

Places I remember: Auckland, late 1990s, Real Groovy Records in Queen Street.

Fab, and all the other pimply hyperboles: Beautiful and Blue was one of several tracks re-recorded for the first Badfinger album (we'll get to it eventually).

Gear costume: Fisherman has some great harmonies. The video is the redone version though.

Active compensatory factors: I love Badfinger. I love everything about them (apart from the tragedy): Pete Ham; the songs; the music; the Apple connection. I. Love. Badfinger.

This is very early Badfinger, before McCartney gave them Come And Get It, recording as the Iveys (after a place name in Swansea, Poison Ivy and The Hollies - Iveys - get it?).

There are some strong songs on this, their first and only album before the name change, which only got a very limited release back in 1969 and became a real collectors' item.  

Probably, one for collectors, but it's still a snazzy little time capsule from a more innocent age.

Where do they all belong?: These were important baby steps that lead to Magic Christian Music (i.e. we're not quite at the 'giants of power pop' status yet but hang in there, it's right around the bend).

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