Saturday, April 30, 2016

I'm glad that I have been with you (Zed) #552 - 555

Zed Oh! Daisy/ Leaving Me (Universal, 1998)
Zed Starlight/ Watching The World/ This One/ Starlight (video) (Universal, 2002)
Zed Hard To Find Her/ The Import/ Digital Girl/ Zed in weed (video)/ Hard To Find Her (video) (Universal, 2003)
Zed She Glows/ Going Home/ The Saddest Thing (Universal, 2004)

The much missed Zed were that rare thing in NZ - an intelligent pop band. They wrote great catchy songs, played them superbly and as a rocking live combo, they were very popular with the younger set. And I loved them too!

Only Evermore is in the same NZ league.

Oh! Daisy came from their first album (Silencer). It's good but in hindsight the second album (This Little Empire) would prove to be a KILLER album in comparison.

She Glows is a brilliant pop song, and Hard To Find Her is a simply glorious pop song that Brian Wilson/Mike Love would have been proud to call their own back in the day.

Hidden gems: Leaving Me is a non album B side - catchy too!

Staggeringly, Going Home (brilliant guitar solo!), The Saddest Thing, The Import, Digital Girl, Watching The World/ This One were all studio tracks not included on the parent album!

Not a dud amongst them.

THAT'S how good This Little Empire was!

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