Thursday, April 21, 2016

You've been waiting in the sun too long (Travis) #546 - 548

Travis Coming Around/ Rock 'N' (Salad) Roll/ The Weight (Sony, 2000)
Travis Sing/ River/ You Don't Know What I'm Like/ Beautiful  (Sony, 2001)
Travis Re-offender/ Definition Of Wrong/ Enemy/ The Sea  (Sony, 2003)

Part two of my Travis-a-thon kicks off with the non-album track Coming Around released in between The Man Who and The Invisible Band (from whence cometh Sing).

It's okay but not to the standard of singles from The Man Who. The omens weren't good...

But then Sing came along and all was well with the world of Travis, for a while.

Re-offender, from 12 Memories, is pleasant but without an edge, Travis by numbers (sorry - couldn't resist).

Hidden gems: The Weight is an AMAZING song and it NEVER gets old. Travis slow it down a tad but otherwise do a faithful version.

The other B sides reflect the general slide in quality control that was going on at the time.  

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