Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Hope I made you proud (The Streets) #541

The Streets Never Went To Church/ When You Wasn't Famous  (679 recordings, 2006)

The Streets is really a vehicle for Mike Skinner; he's the vocalist, writer and multi instrumentalist behind The Streets.

And when he's on, he's on. His A Grand Don't Come For Free album, for example, is a great shaggy dog story that Arlo Guthrie would admire.

He can often sound like a musical David Beckham, which he does on this really affecting song about his dad. That's not to say that it's offputting - for me, it makes it even more authentic sounding.

Sidebar: At one point he thanks Paul McCartney and says, "The cheque's in the mail" - presumably because he rips off The Beatles' Let It Be for this song. At least he has the good sense to steal from the best, and acknowledge it! 

Hidden gem: The B side was released as an A side in another format but, for me, there is nothing like the same magic as there is in Never Went To Church.


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