Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ever seen a young girl growing old, trying to make herself a bride? (Mike D'Abo) #532 - 535

Stereophonics Pick A Part That's New/ Nice To Be Out/ Positively 4th Street/ Pick A Part That's New (video)  (V2, 1999)
Stereophonics Just Looking/ Local Boy In A Photograph (live)/ Same Size Feet (live)  (V2, 1999)
Stereophonics I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio/ The Bartender And The Thief/ The Old Laughing Lady  (V2, 1999)
Stereophonics Handbags And Gladrags/ First Time Ever I Saw Your Face/ How/ Caravan Holiday (live)/ Nice To Be Out (live)  (V2, 2001)

Welcome to the first part of a mini Stereophonic-a-thon: this lot comes from around the first flush of the Welsh band's career.

Given they contain interesting covers and/or acoustic versions and/or different interpretations of their songs and/or non album tracks, the CD singles form a nice alternative universe to the parent albums.

All of the A sides are worthy (I tend to like the sing-along football terrace style guitar driven Faces like approach) but I especially love Handbags and Gladrags. For one it's a peculiar song that I've always loved, for another Kelly Jones' voice is a perfect match!

I've included three versions below: Mike D'Abo's original from 1970, Rod Stewart who had a hit with it, then Kelly Jones' version with all round great guy Jools Holland. Hmmm - Kelly does a great job, does he not!

Hidden gems: The covers are where it's really at here: Dylan's Positively 4th Street, Lennon's How and Roberta Flack's First Time are all gems.

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