Wednesday, March 16, 2016

You're cinematic razor sharp (Snow Patrol) #529

Snow Patrol You're All I Have/ The Only Noise/ Perfect Little Secret/ You're All I Have (video)  (Polydor, 2006)

Snow Patrol have taken a load of abuse in their time. Some of it is well deserved: their output since Eyes Open has been poor to say the least.

Luckily this track comes from Eyes Open and it's a storming rocker worthy of Snow Patrol at their best.

The production is certainly razor sharp, the sound: cinematic pop!

Hidden gems: The two tracks on the B side weren't included on the parent album. The Only Noise is somewhat slight but it's still a cool acoustically driven tune.

Perfect Little Secret is at the experimental end of their repertoire and so...not to my taste. 

Experimenting is great if you're King Crimson or, I don't know, Bowie, but if you're a great pop band with a fantastic lead singer - stick to that!

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