Thursday, March 10, 2016

An offering so sweet (Patti Smith) #528

Patti Smith Summer Cannibals/ Come Back Little Sheba/ Come On In My Kitchen/ People Have The Power  (Arista, 1996)

Gone Again, Patti's comeback album, brought a new sophistication exists to the Patti Smith sound. More layered. More arranged.

Gone (for a bit) was the punk poet/pop goddess/eco warrior to be replaced by an introspective earth mother. I guess death of loved ones (including Kurt Cobain) will do that to you.

Having said that, some of her pop sensibilities are still wafting about this weird track. It's definitely a commercial sounding song and so a natural choice as the lead off single from the album.

Hidden gems: It's a slightly bizarre mix on the B side tracks, which, incidentally don't seem to conform to the UK versions of this single. 

The Robert Johnson song, Come On In My Kitchen is a cool addition to the Patti Smith oeuvre and I'm a fan of the big sounding People Have The Power - although that whole sentiment is a little atypical to her back catalogue.

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