Friday, January 1, 2016

Focus on everything better today (Moby) #499

Moby Slipping Away/ Slipping Away (edit) (Mute, 2006)

I didn't think much of Moby for a start but I've ended up liking Moby a lot. 

My eldest son introduced us, via Play, and I begrudgingly started seeing the appeal.

The clincher was The Bourne Identity and the great use of Extreme Ways over the credits. Bam! There it is. Hooked.

I then got 18 and have been aboard since.

Slipping Away is lifted off his 2005 album Hotel (a rather spiffy album in the cannon) and has a very Moby like way of getting under your skin.

I like the fact that he's not a miserable git, nor is he preachy. The song is uplifting without being overly sentimental (an American condition) and thoughtful - 'hold on to people' is a good message.

Hidden gem: my 'hidden gem' idea doesn't really apply in this instance.

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