Sunday, January 17, 2016

Slip your shoes on and then out you crawl Into a day that couldn't give you more (Oasis) #501 - 506

Oasis D'you Know What I Mean?/ Stay Young/ Angel Child (Demo)/ Heroes (Creation Records, 1997)
Oasis Who Feels Love?/ One Way Road/ Helter Skelter (Big Brother Recordings, 2000)
Oasis Sunday Morning Call/ Carry Us All/ Full On (Big Brother Recordings, 2000)
Oasis The Hindu Times/ Just getting Older/ Idler's Dream (Sony, 2002)
Oasis Lyla/ Eyeball Tucker/ Won't Let You Down (Big Brother Recordings, 2005)
Oasis Layla/ Layla (Demo)/ Can You See It Now (Video documentary) (Big Brother Recordings, 2005)

I didn't realise I had over 500 singles but there you are and I certainly didn't realise I had six CD singles by Oasis, and none of the hits!

The band's decline is replicated in these six - after Sunday Morning Call it's a story or rapidly diminishing returns.

I do like a lot of the overhyped Be Here Now album. So what if they tried to over reach - I applaud their ambition. It's actually a factor missing from the post 2000 stuff!

D'you Know...has attitude and swagger and yes it's a bloated sound but points for getting to number one lads with this first single from the album.

[BTW - was in Manchester this week - sat down in a Caffe Nero around Manchester accents - guy behind me sounded EXACTLY like Liam!]

Who Feels Love? and Sunday Morning Call are from their fourth album - the stoopidly titled Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants. I much prefer Sunday to the eastern raga influenced Who.. but both are worthy singles in the Oasis catalogue.

Noel's vocals are great on Sunday Morning Call, even if he doesn't rate the song, it's one of my favs.

The Hindu Times has a nice guitar riff from Noel but that's about it. Lyla is similar but without the memorable guitar riff. Sounds to me that by this stage they were trying too hard to sound like Oasis. They needed some ambition man.

Hidden gems: Yes, Heroes is the Bowie classic. Oasis keep to the original blueprint but obviously trundle out the guitars in typically bombastic fashion. For me their approach works!!

I really enjoy the slower paced Noel vocal stuff like Just Getting Older, and One Way Road.  Ditto for Carry Us All but with added dynamics. Great song! Nice atmospherics and great Noel vocal on this one.

Helter Skelter is the McCartney song. It keeps to The Fabs template so...not sure what the point was of covering this really. 

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