Thursday, January 28, 2016

Just look at me, silly Me, I'm as happy as can be (Orson) #509

Orson No Tomorrow/ Everything/ Jessie/ No Tomorrow (Video) (Mercury, 2006)

Orson had a profile problem from the off. An American band who were more popular in Britain.

This single - their first, actually went to #1 in England.

Who were they? They apparently existed from 2000-2007 and I can't tell you anymore like who was in the band without looking it up via google.

See - identity problem. Of course - I'm NOT their demographic so there is no reason why I would know these things. 

This is one of my daughters' CDs that was left behind and I couldn't throw way.

It's okay but listening to it now it's hard to see why it was so successful back in 2000.

Hidden gem: Similar guitar pop without anything too different to the A side here.

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