Saturday, May 2, 2015

You've got the universe reclining in your hair (T Rex) #404 - 405

T Rex Get It On/ There Was A Time; Raw Ramp  (Parlophone, NZP 3405, 1971)
T Rex Jeepster/ Life's A Gas (Parlophone, NZP 3414, 1971)

Dirty and sweet!? Too much so for my dear old mum. When she heard this she knew it was a sexual healing that Marc Bolan was calling for. Me - not so much but even I knew what was going down on the raw ramp B side.

Get It On was, back in 1971, one of my first single purchases. That guitar hook had me instantly and the vocal tics furthered my interest. The slightly risque subject matter was also a draw card. Listening to it now I realise how amazing Tony Visconti's production was. Those drums!

Jeepster was more of the sexual same: "I'm going to suck you" doesn't leave a lot to the imagination. No wonder my mother frowned on this teenage pop stuff.

Hidden gems: More Bolan depravity on the B sides. There Was A Time is a great intro (those sweeping strings!) to the wonderful Raw Ramp - complete with a great false ending - let's get the electric boogie on indeed.

This is one case where the youtube video/sound fails to do justice to the magnificence of this sound. Dig out that old vinyl and turn it up!!

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