Monday, May 18, 2015

Every word so finely placed (Judie Tzuke) #410

Judie Tzuke Stay With Me Till Dawn/ New Friends Again (The Rocket Record Company, 6079 675, 1979)

Judie is still going strong - still performing and still releasing albums, but this is the song she will be forever known for, therefore, she joins the ranks of one hit wonders.

Nothing takes away from the fact that it's a great song. She co-wrote it and sings it wonderfully. Somehow, it has that certain something that allows it to connect to a wider audience.

Let's call it 'vibe'. There's a real wistful feel to her delivery and that middle section with the strings lifts the song into the stratosphere.

She's done plenty of singles since but nothing has fired up the collective imagination like Stay With Me Till Dawn.

Hidden gem: The B side is so so. The money shot was the A side.

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